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Steve Jobs’ Commencement Speech to Stanford Graduates

December 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Many of us know Steve Jobs as the co-founder of Apple and Pixar, but did you know Jobs encountered many hardships, failures, and unexpected turns throughout his life, including dropping out of college?

In his commencement address to Stanford’s graduating class of 2005, Jobs is very generous, personal, and honest. Unlike many speakers who focus on their successes and impart advice to students to emulate that kind of success, Jobs’ speech is composed of three surprising stories from his life that have made him the person he is today. Jobs offers no easy answers, but delivers an incredibly inspirational speech that may feature some of the most valuable words of wisdom for any graduate.


University of Florida Graduates Thousands: Coordinating One of the Biggest Graduation Events in the US

November 10, 2010 Leave a comment

University of Florida ranks among America’s largest post-secondary institutions. To give you an idea of its size, previous universities I wrote about, such as Southern Methodist University and University of Miami, have student populations around 16,000, while UF’s is over 50,000! Donna Stricker, UF’s Commencement Coordinator, reveals how she has not only overseen the successful completion of various ceremonies, but has also managed to keep them all under ninety minutes long, as she is constantly mindful of the family members and friends who attend.

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College Students Find a Calling – What Career Dreams Mean in this Economy

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

We all have encountered the stereotypical college student who has no idea what he or she will do come graduation day. He or she has claimed “undecided” or has changed his or her major for the umpteenth time. But according to studies conducted by University of Florida and University of Maine, these stereotypes may be unfounded. In fact, they indicate that a large percentage of college students have a career calling that is guiding them throughout their academic careers.

University of Florida psychology professor Ryan Duffy, in the university’s article on the study, asserted that a strong focus on a specific career path or goal early in one’s education correlates with academic success in the present and workplace success in the future. Read more…

Walking Through the Rotunda and Back Again – Southern Methodist University’s 100-Year Legacy

October 5, 2010 1 comment

Southern Methodist School, founded in 1911, and opened in 1915, soon to be a century old, naturally, holds a graduation ceremony steeped in unique traditions. I interviewed Gretchen C. Voight, SMU’s Director of Academic Ceremonies, responsible for overseeing everything short of selecting the Commencement  speaker, to uncover how a school with a student population of 11,000 coordinates commencement smoothly, honors its finest students, and carries on its unique traditions as it approaches its one hundred-year anniversary!

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Insurance for College: What You Might Not Have Considered

September 18, 2010 Leave a comment

One thing many parents either overlook or fail to talk to their college-bound children about is safety at college. In particular, Paul Sullivan of The New York Times, notes how loathe parents are, as well as college students are, to address this issue of insurance for college life. There’s property and identify theft–and liability cases…Sullvan goes over the things parents and their kids should consider and offers some pointers on taking the proper measures. Talking about insurance can be boring or scary, whether you’re thinking about all the technicalities of insurance or what might happen to you or your child in college, but Sullivan keeps his article practical and easy to follow.

Smart and Pretty: The Most Gorgeous Campuses on the Planet

September 12, 2010 Leave a comment

In the past, I’ve provided a list of the most affordable quality colleges and even the schools with the highest drop-out rates, but one other factors to keep in mind when college-hunting is the look of the campus–and your new home if you’ll be moving. In this Yahoo News article, Forbes interviews a panel of architects to cobble together a list of the world’s most beautiful college campuses. College faculty take note: architects say the key to preserving a school’s character and aesthetics is by “taking in its surroundings instead of alienating them” as the school expands for increasing numbers of students. Both unknown colleges such as Kenyon University, the one pictured here, and renowned schools such as Oxford University, have made this diverse list. Yahoo lists the top five, but you can find the full list here.

Getting Accepted to Your Dream College

August 27, 2010 Leave a comment

I don’t know about you Junior and Senior high school students out there, but when I was applying for college, I was a bit disoriented by all the choices. More than that, I felt intimidated by the very best of schools, like UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara, and hopes of getting in seemed like groundless dreams. But UC Berkeley’s youtube account UCBerkeleyEvents, brings the whole application process down to earth in its video for potential incoming undergrads.  Staff, faculty, and students address some of the myths about UC Berkeley that often intimidate potential students, and provide helpful tips on how to use your application to paint a unique, accurate picture of who you are. Even if you’re not applying to UC Berkeley in particular, most of these facts and helpful guidelines can pertain to the application process to any prestigious university.